As a leader in various positions, I managed to safe more than 12% OPEX by creating continuous improvement cultures in my teams, showing a great talent for reducing cost with focus on operational excellence, in the field of Information Technology.

As a person and a colleague, I am empathic and diplomatic, with an appreciative mind-set.                                                                                                

Areas of Expertise 

Leadership and Strategic Change Management. Development, implementation, operation, IT support and organizations in an international context. 

  • Leading leaders, teams and specialists.
  • Focus on benefit realization and cost optimization.
  • Project Management.
  • Strategy, governance, development, management. 
  • Develop high performance individuals, teams and organizations. 
  • Security.
  • Delegating, follow up and coaching. 
  • Operational and service excellence.
  • Employee, stakeholder and customer experience management. (Customer loyalty)
  • Budget scope with up to 10 mio€.
  • Full commitment to financial and performance targets.
  • Cultural leadership with an international scope of 20 different nationalities.

Professional Career Summary

2016 - : Senior Management Consultant – Insight Management ApS.

JN Data. External Senior Project Manager. Implementing projects from the Security & Compliance Program

  • Project IAM. (Implementing Identity & Access Management)

Group TDC. External Senior Project Manager. Implementing projects from the GDPR Program.

  • Project GDPR Logging. (SIEM & Log Management) External Senior Project Manager. Implementing projects from the security program at Ensure process, service and operational improvements as a part of the projects.

  • CGMES (Common Grid Model Exchange Standard)

Project Manager for project CGMES. The Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) is a superset of the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) standard. It was developed to meet necessary requirements for TSO data exchanges in the areas of system development and system operation.

  • Upgrading network to 802.1x.

Project manager finishing PID for Upgrade Network to IEEE 802.1x in SCADA and Office Network in

  • Next Generation firewalls. 

Project manager for Increase security with Next Generation Firewalls: Implementing new firewalls in highly Secure environments and office network, to analyze layer 7. Operational processes, procedures and control to CMMI 3,5 - 4,0 in

  • Secure Software Development.

Project manager for implementing and anchoring processes and procedures for Software Development Life Cycle and Security Development Lifecycle in

  • Encrypted emails.

IProject manager for implementing encrypted emails (with NemID and e-Boks) to send encrypted emails to private customers, governmental institutions, and other businesses in Europe in


2012 - 2015: Head of Field Support division in Vestas - Global IT.

Leading 5 regional leaders with a responsibility of 45 employees and external consultants.

Headed a significantly different direction after an overall staff reduction of 50%. I turned the department from being vaguely defined, spending time on at least 14 different services, to focus on delivering 4 core services, maintain the same core service response time, having only half the employee count. Cost decrease from net: 6,5 mio€ to 2,5 mio€.

Increase customer experience by measuring customers and stakeholders feedback and drive initiatives through the value chain with focus on customer experience excellence. CEM and NPS.

Budget decrease from net: 6,5 mio€ to 2,5 mio€. Standardized and optimized global operation and processes with total cost reduction of 10% over 2 years with company growth.

  • Optimized operation with 10% reduction over 2 years.
  • Customer and stakeholder engagement to develop and increase services.
  • Off-shoring and outsourced tasks and services for flexible operation, decrease of cost, increase service improvement. 
  • Change management and process excellence to optimize cooperation and operation.
  • Leadership and organisational development for regional leaders.
  • Creating a continual improvement culture to repeatedly focusing on growth without cost.
  • Employee, stakeholder and customer experience management using various feedback methodologies.
  • Developing operating model to optimize processes for flexible services, support and operation.
  • Steering committee for various projects.
  • Division budget, delegating budget to regional leaders.


2012 - 2012: Manager of Access & Security in Vestas – Global IT. (Consolidation of server team and AD Authorizations)

Responsible for developing and maintain core services related to products e.g. SAP, Microsoft, Identity Management. Secure systems, Network and Applications. Implementing clear overview of roles and responsibilities.

Leading 10 highly skilled self-leading specialists. Handled a destructive conflict between two departments.

  • Conflict management by involving partners to ensure clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Enhance learning and group outcomes to increase cross functional performance.
  • Engage and involve employees and colleagues for shared goals.
  • Analyse and prepare for Off-shoring and outsourcing various task and services.
  • Attitude and behaviour learnings to proactive handle conflicts.
  • Process excellence with automation from identity management tool.
  • Delegating, coaching and visible leadership. 
  • Department budget.


2009 – 2012:  Team Leader of AD Authorizations in Vestas Global IT.

Responsible for Identity and Access Management in Active Directory. People management and headed implementation of IAM tool for automation of access roles, which reduced the required work effort from 9 FTE to 5 FTE saving 250 K€- producing exactly the same service output. Awarded as one of the top 5 rated leaders by employees in Global IT (Issued by HR)

  • Selection & implementation of an Identity and Access Management tool. 
  • Cleaning up PCs accounts, User Accounts and Security Groups for Active Directory objects.
  • Cleaning up access roles on File Servers, SharePoint and ERP systems.
  • Implementing and Maintaining RBAC, DAC by various procedures.
  • Analyse, develop and implementation of requirements.
  • Describe and document requirements, processes and work instructions for development and operation.
  • Employee and team development.
  • Automation and optimization of processes, operation, and monitoring.
  • Process improved to CMMI level 3,5.
  • Audit and evaluation of output in regards to document and processes.
  • Daily operation of create, maintain and deletion of access control and resources.
  • Department budget.


2005 – 2009:  IT-coordinator in IT-Support in Vestas – Global IT. 

Coordinate daily operation and support globally for user administration and various sites for onsite IT-support.

  • Design and maintain access and security of roles.
  • Document management and knowledge sharing.
  • Maintaining, ordering to local assets stock.
  • End user and super user support.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • 1st and 2nd level support.
  • Project involvement. 


Sample experience

  • Design and Implementing massive cost reduction.
  • Project management and member of steering committees.
  • Managing designing and implementing new Information Security Strategy and Policies in Identity Management.
  • Consolidate, document and automate processes excellence. 
  • Operation services and support excellence.
  • Audits and surveys.
  • Distance cultural management and leadership in more than 20 countries.
  • Designing, consolidating and implementing IT-systems and operations. 
  • Business relations and Internationalization of operation and support. 
  • Organizational changes and change management both in growth and reduction.
  • Leading 5 different field-support regions to one global team. (5 leaders and 45 employees)
  • Sourcing, outsourcing and off-shoring.
  • Conflict management.
  • Budget responsible.

Educational Background.

  • IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding. Projektledelse/PRINCE2
  • Diplomleder. 2011- 2012

  • IT-supporter. 2003 - 2005

  • Machinist. 1995 - 1999

  • Certifications, Courses and Studies: GDPR in practice. PRINCE2 Foundation, CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, CEH, ITIL, SCRUM, LEAN, Management transition, Situational leadership, Processes awareness training, Process excellence. GROW Coaching.


Language Skills

Danish: Native language.

English: Fluent in speech and writing.